The D-Day Of Selena And Caleb – The Perfect Monochrome Wedding They Planned Together

When you browse through different blogs on the internet and look for inspiring ideas for your own wedding, you surely feel like if only you could see a perfect representation of all these ideas. Getting to see a real-life wedding and to get inspired by it often seems like an impractical idea. But not anymore. If you are looking for ideas for the biggest day of your life that will be a perfect monochrome wedding, then you are in luck. Let’s take a quick peek into the wedding ceremony of Selena and Caleb who planned a dreamy monochromic wedding that they will cherish forever.

Selena and Caleb are two busy love birds who decided to get hitched in Houston so that all their loved ones can be present at their wedding and shower them with love and blessings. They decided to get hitched just after the celebration of New Year died down when people would be free again to take part again in the celebration of true love. They tied the knot on January 19th, 2019 at one of the most popular banquet halls in Houston.

When asked, they always described themselves to be two simple people in love with elegance and simplicity that speaks volumes. This is what they have always appreciated about each other. And this is certainly what that they wanted to represent in their wedding too. And guess what! The venue they bookedreally helped them plan the most cherished moments of their life. Let’s take a look at how they made this wedding so picture-perfect that both of these two lovebirds left their guests in awe.

The Musical Entry

When it is a wedding, we are all in habit of seeing the walk down the aisle for the bride with the soothing romantic tune playing in background. But this couple wanted to make a grand musical entry with Mariachi. Only a few of the affordable wedding venues in Houston can arrange authentic Mariachi, the Mexican folk music that dates back to 18th Century. The musicians dressed in black and red entered the hall to announce the entry of the couple and then Selena and Caleb walked down hand in hand when their loved ones stood up to cheer for them.

Decked Up Setting in Black, Blue and White

The whole look of the venue was spectacular. No wonder friends of both Selena and Caleb flooded them with loves on Instagram feed when they uploaded their pictures. They sat with the decoration team of the venue prior to their wedding to decide the look of the event. As they both wanted to design the whole venue in monochromic theme, the decoration team picked the colors that will signify their love of elegance. When the hall was draped with white, tables and flowers added the accent of blue and black in the venue which added up to the glam quotient of the ceremony.

The Centre Pieces

Now, let’s talk about the focal point or the centerpieces of Selena and Caleb’s wedding. Just like any other reputed b, their party hall also offered the cake that represented their love. And what a beautiful piece of art it was! The stunning four-tier white cake with two figurines and the blue accent made it very memorable for them. The bow-tied glasses with two champagne bottles decked up in blue and white fabric just like the bride and the groom were perfect for a swoon-worthy Insta picture. The dazzling jeweled stemmed goblets for the groom and bride added up to the glamour of the table.

So, now as you know about these beautiful ideas that they used for their monochromic wedding, what are you waiting for? Use these ideas and plan your own stunning wedding today.

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