Wedding Photographer Dublin Perfect 100 Steps!!

Your big day will be so big (and it will happen so many times) that the photos you have about this event will be something you will need to appreciate and remember for the rest of your life. It is important to be well prepared to make the most of your day and your wedding photographer dublin .

Here’s my 100 steps to improve your wedding photographer dublin:


1) See all the photographers in your area (use the internet).

2) Ask your friends for advice.

3) View the wedding albums of a friend.

4) Mark the wedding photographers dublin you like (do not think about money at this point).

5) If you have an idea of ​​the photographers, set your budget (now you have a good idea of ​​the photographers you can afford).6) Create a list of photographers.

7) Call each wedding photographer dublin to check availability (we often book quickly, so call early for a list of available photographers!)

8) Check the ratings of these photographers through Google / other online review sites.

9) If you are looking for other services (eg a group/restaurateur, etc.), ask your photographer, he can often get discounts from other providers in the area.

10) Determine the style of photography you want for your wedding.

11) Compare this style with your list.

12) Collect pictures that really resonate with you. Create a mini gallery of what your photos should look like.

13) You can electronically save or print this gallery.

14) Meet the wedding photographer dublin (if possible).

15) Show them the pictures you have collected.

16) Discuss how you can achieve your goals.

17) Consider the opportunity to shoot the bride and groom the day before / morning / after the wedding (many couples now opt to have time for many studio shots that are flawlessly lit without pressure.)

18) Discuss your other photographic needs (how many formal shots do you need?)

19) In how many places do you want to run?

20) How long do you want to be separated from your guests after the wedding?

21) Ask her about her strengths (film / black and white / photo style).

22) Ask them which style they prefer.

23) Are you working with another wedding photographer dublin?

24) Do you work with an assistant?

25) Meet with the assistant or another photographer.

26) Ask them if they are flexible in adapting styles to your needs.

27) Ask about their contact skills (can they mask the imperfections that might occur on your big day)?

28) Do you ask them how much time they will spend to retouch each of your pictures? (Good wedding photographer dublin need between 5 and 45 minutes for EVERY picture they create for them.) I often say that 40% of the work is a photo, 60% post-production.

29) Ask for references.

30) Request a discount !!! (If you want to make a quick decision, many photographers will give you a discount of 10% to 15% on early booking.)

31) Create another list of your photographers (in the order you want).

32) sleep a few days later.

33) Think a lot about the wedding photographer dublin you love as a person.

34) Choosing the right person for the job involves selecting a person who wants to spend enough time close to the big day – so make sure it does not bother you !!

35) Watch the work of photographers during the weddings you attend, or remember those that you loved most. What did you like about them? Do these photographers have the same characteristics?

36) Compare the quality of your 2/3 best photographers compared to the price.

37) Make your final decision.

38) Request a contract.

39) Read the contract carefully.

40) Make sure the contract has the correct date.

41) Make sure that the contract guarantees that you will get the photographer you expect (and that he can not change his wedding photographer dublin at the last minute by someone else).

42) Make sure that the contract contains a “work statement” or something similar (indicating the number of hours for the photograph / the number of pictures expected of the day), etc.

43) Some photographers include a release model in their contract – decide if you are ready to sign one.

44) Discuss copyright with your wedding photographer dublin (this question can be complex and worth reading).

45) You will only have to buy the copyright of a photographer if you sell your images of the big day. If you think you want to do it at some point, indicate how much it will cost to buy the copyright from the photographer.

46) Make sure all copyright agreements are included in the contract.

47) Feel free to request changes to the contract if you are not satisfied.

48) sign the contract.

49) Offer the photographer a photographer (often between 15% and 50% of the total cost)

50) Request a receipt.

51) Calculate your wedding photographer dublin when you receive the photos after production. You can see them quickly, but good photos take a lot of time.

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52) If the photos will only be in digital format or will be included in the package price. Ask them for examples of printed books to see if you like the style.

53) Start creating a list of photos (married with mother, married with cousins, married with the best men, etc.)

54) Award a groomsman or bridesmaid to communicate with the photographer on a big day.

55) Make sure that the witnesses and bridesmaids of the groom are informed of what to arrange for the photographer: you will avoid worrying about the subject (for example, on the pictures of the family reunion) . You can focus on the wonderful and happy!

56) Begins thinking about makeup.

57) Start practicing your smile.

58) If you are still thinking about a makeup artist, ask a wedding photographer for advice. Photographers generally recommend beautiful makeup artists, those that will help you make your photos even more beautiful.

59) Practice your smile

60) If you are shy, train your smile in front of the point and take the camera with the other side of the lens (this can be fun for both!).

61) When you think you can not smile anymore, get some exercise.

62) Think of the day you plan to focus your wedding photographer (I have already photographed a wedding where all the wives, spouses and priests were drummers.

63) Try to take pictures with your wedding photographer dublin.

64) You can use photos by inviting photo invitations – whether online / with Facebook, etc. … to remind people of upcoming events!

65) Enjoy taking part in the shoot to get to know your photographer.

66) Consider the photos when you look at your wedding venues.

67) Think about the places you really like.

68) Share these settings with your wedding photographer dublin.

69) Ask your photographer if he wants to accompany you to the right place to discuss the photos.

70) Ask if you intend to use ambient or artificial light.

71) Consider the weather (in Arizona, it is likely that the sun will be if your wedding is in the west of England, probably in the rain).

72) How bad weather will affect your projects (and therefore your photos)?

73) Practice your smile again.

74) Decide (with the photographer) how much time you want to devote to each part of the day

75) Decide if you want to take a picture of the day (dressed in cosmetics / makeup / champagne, breakfast, etc.)

76) Decide how long the wedding photographer dublin will arrive on the day of the wedding.

77) Assign someone to a wedding party to meet the photographer.

78) Did the photographer investigate a place before wedding day or did he arrive earlier than a big day?

79) Is this time included in the total cost of the wedding package?

80) Make sure your wedding party member has provided a list of wedding photographer dublin electronically or personally.

81) If you are not ready to take a picture on arrival, ask the photographer to take a picture of the place, wedding rings, flowers, etc.

82) If you decide to take all the photos before the ceremony, make sure you plan long before the guests arrive. You probably wouldn’t want your guests to see your wedding dress before the ceremony!

83) If you want to see yourself after the ceremony, select two private places where you can take pictures of both parts of the wedding party. This way, you can avoid accidental collisions!

84) Explain to the wedding photographer dublin how much time you have for your photos so that they can help you stay faithful.

85) Have fun! It’s your big day, so be relaxed and enjoy all the flashing lights and all your attention.

86) Maintain open communication with the photographer. Be polite, but don’t be afraid to express what you need. They work for you.

87) After the photography session, the rest starts before the ceremony and refreshes itself.

88) Explain clearly to the photographer which photos will be taken during the ceremony. You want the most sacred part of your day to be documented but not intrusive.

You will probably want to remember your amateur eye, not the photographer that the wedding photographer dublin had with his 24-105 L lens.

89) The end of a beautiful shooting kiss (To have an elegant neckline): the bride must not stretch her neck so that the groom can do most of the work. Both should turn slightly in the camera. You can do a lot at home! (particularly useful for couples with slopes).

90) You are married! Smile and look at the camera. These moments are often printed and framed, so take your facial expression. Here, you train well!

91) Collect a list of your photos to complete family photos or to organize a wedding party.

92) Be stupid and have fun. People often like lower photos, so go away.

93) Decide how important it is for you to respect your program. Once in a lifetime, don’t be afraid to take the extra half and overtime to get what you really want. However, dinner is waiting for you, so ask a member of the wedding party to look at your watch so you can appreciate it.

94) The most public part is over! Kiss your partner.

95) Set up your photographer for free! The time has come to get these interesting open projects and that can be so memorable and interesting.

96) Eliminate the people who work for you – they are often around the clock. From photographer to group, a well-fed worker is a happy employee (and will appear in his work).

97) Will there be the first dance? Give the wedding photographer dublin a head if something unusual (like dancing on the reels) is available to prepare and get the best photos.

98) When you eat and drink a glass of champagne, it’s hard to remember the details, including the photographer’s working time. Make sure you have the toast, the tongue and the cake while the photographer is still working.

99) After your honeymoon, you can work with a wedding photographer dublin to choose the photos you prefer on a nice day. You will receive the printed images immediately after.

100) Share your wedding photo link with your friends and family. Enjoy photos and new life now!



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