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Frequently Asked Questions Answers……..

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Are you shooting nationally?

obviously, I’m shooting weddings anywhere in Ireland.

Do you have a travel fee?

I am based in Wedding Photographer Dublin, which allows me to cover most of the country simply. If a wedding is longer than 175km away, I may have to charge a small amount of travel / basic accommodation.

How many photographers will it be on the day?

Only me. I prefer to work solo, discreetly covers all aspects of the day itself and maintains a consistent style.

How long is coverage on the day?

I have a basic package for a lower day and a longer day. . Shorter day packages cover from a minimum of two hours before the ceremony of the couple is sitting for dinner. The longer day coverage lasts for the dance is well underway. Please contact and I can go through the details for you.

How many photos do you deliver?

I deliver all photos taken on the day except duplicates or images that just did not work (strange facial expressions, flashes, technical issues, etc.). There is no specified delivery amount, but as a general guideline for an entire day, it usually ends with 450+ fully-featured photos.

wedding Photographer Dublin

How do we receive the pictures?

When I finish editing them, I will upload the high-resolution images to a downloadable gallery where they will be for at least sixty days. You (or anyone you allow access to the gallery) can download the party for free as many times as you want within that time frame.

Do you offer albums?

Yes, I offer high-quality wedding albums. Please contact me for details about styles, goals, and prices. If you prefer, you can wait until your wedding to order your album.

Please contact Wedding Photographer Dublin if you have any other questions I have not covered. I would like to talk about everything that is related to your day.